- - Ekoi Launches New R4 Road Shoe

Ekoi Launches New R4 Road Shoe

It wasn’t all that long ago that finding a premium road shoe which featured a genuine carbon sole and a hi-tech closure system for anything south of $350 was nearly impossible.

However, as time and technology progress, so do manufacturing costs, and thus the trickle down effect takes place. We see this all of the time in the cycling trade. But, discovering a road shoe that meets the aforementioned criteria for less than $250 seems almost too good to be true.

Nevertheless, the niche French brand Ekoi recently added a new road specific shoe to its vast arsenal of products called the R4, which features a super-lightweight full carbon sole, a sophisticated upper and a twin ATOP closure system for the reasonable price of £173.90.

According to Ekoi, the R4’s unidirectional carbon sole tips the scales at a feathery 98g, while comfort and ventilation come courtesy of a perforated Alcantara upper and a form-fitting lycra inner liner for optimal fit and stability. In addition, the new shoe also features a removable rubber heel pad for those jaunts across the floor of your favorite bike cafe.

The R4 is available in either black or white, with sizes ranging from 39 to 46.

The R4 can be purchased directly from Ekoi’s website, with shipping available world-wide.



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