- - EKOI Offers Cyclists Better Visibility with New LED Apparel

EKOI Offers Cyclists Better Visibility with New LED Apparel


“To see with or be seen by”, are two equipment issues that engineers in the bike industry are constantly being challenged by, as it relates to enhancing the visibility and safety of cyclists.  

However, the French brand, EKOI, thinks they may have seen the light with the creation of a new range of LED-equipped cycling apparel, that includes a cold-weather jacket, winter gloves and a clip-on LED dial that’s designed to interface specifically with their helmets.


Not only does EKOI’s Perfolinea jacket standout in terms of color,  but the garment features a removable LED light that attaches to the back of the jacket which can be activated in four different modes: solid, fast, very fast or extra flashing.


Similarly, EKOI’s black LED gloves provide additional visibility via battery powered LED strips that are integrated into the material of the gloves, which have the same flash mode capabilities as their Perfolinea jacket.


Lastly, EKOI offers a clip-on LED light that replaces the original rear dial on their Excel and Corsa Light helmets, which features three flash modes as well.


EKOI’s LED range is available directly from the company’s website here.

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