- - Ekoi Offers One Size Fits All Bibshort

Ekoi Offers One Size Fits All Bibshort

Ekoi has introduced an innovative new model of bibshort, that the French brand claims is capable of one-size fits all.

Ekoi says they were able to accomplish this by using a special material called MORFO, which has the ability to naturally adjust to the shape of any cyclist’s body “like a protective skin”, that can be comfortably worn in temperatures ranging from 50 to 90 degrees. Moreover, in the event the bibshort gets wet, Ekoi claims MORFO can dry almost 2-times faster than traditional cycling fabrics.

According to Ekoi, the bibshort will fit any cyclists between 4’ 6” and 6’ 4” tall, with weight ranging from 105 to 210 pounds.

Ekoi sells the bibshort directly from their webstore for £150, with international shipping available.

Ekoi sponsors several high profile riders such as Fabio Aru and Romain Bardet, who they claim are currently wearing the new bibshort during this month’s Tour de France.




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