- - Ekoii Unveils New "Aerodynamic Magnetic" Road Helmet

Ekoii Unveils New “Aerodynamic Magnetic” Road Helmet

The French brand Ekoi has unveiled a new aerodynamic road helmet called the Aerodynamic Magnetic, which as the name implies, is designed to cheat the wind, along with a clever magnetic clamp as compared to a traditional snap-closure.

According to Ekoi, the Aerodynamic Magnetic was developed alongside the WorldTour AGR2 team, which was especially tested by the team’s Belgian National Road Champion, Oliver Naesen.

Like other brands, Ekoi offers the Aerodynamic Magnetic in just one size, albeit a wide-ranging Small/Medium that can accommodate riders from 54cm to 59cm.


Perhaps the best part about the Aerodynamic Magnetic is the price, which sells for a paltry £72.85 ($97), easily making it the best priced pro-level aero helmet on the market. 

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