- - ENVE Unveils New Gravel Specific Carbon Wheels

ENVE Unveils New Gravel Specific Carbon Wheels

Just as Location, Location, Location has always been the tagline for real estate, Gravel, Gravel and more Gravel has certainly become the call of the cycling industry, as more and more products continue to leave the tarmac and focus on the road less traveled.

In light of this, ENVE has been keen to launch a new series of gravel specific wheels aptly called the G Series. 

The new series consists of the G23 (700c) and G27 (650b) wheels, which the company says, “meet specific design objectives that represent ENVE’s take on a purpose-built gravel wheel.”

According to ENVE, the rims for the G23 and G27 tip the scales at an impressive 320g and 330g respectively, while complete wheelsets target an equally impressive overall weight of around 1,300g. 

ENVE claims most of the weight savings is attributed to their new “bell” shaped rim profile, along with the brand’s tubeless Wide Hookless Bead technology which works in tandem with the rim shape to dissipate impact and prevent pinch flats.

“The inspiration for the Wide Hookless Bead technology comes from sitting on the side of the road or trail fixing flat tires. We understand intimately that nothing puts the damper on a fun ride like a flat tire. In gravel, the problem is exacerbated given that tire volumes and tire pressures are lower than you have in mountain biking, but with gravel, the bikes have little to no suspension. The Wide Hookless Bead technology can eliminate pinch-flats and allows riders to run their perfect tire pressure,” explains ENVE Design Engineer Clint Child.

Capitalizing on the go-wider trend, ENVE has given the G23’s rim an internal width of 23mm, which can accommodate oversize tires ranging from 35mm to 45mm, while the G27 gets a massive 27mm width that’s capable of supporting MTB tires up to 2.25in.

The starting price for both G23 and G27 is $2,800, with hub options ranging from DT Swiss’ DT 240 6B and DT 240 CL, to Chris King’s 6B, along with ENVE’s 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.

“At ENVE, we believe you should ride our products as hard as our professional riders. If you’re the original owner of an G Series wheelset, and damage a rim while riding or racing, we’ll replace that rim at no charge as quick as we possibly can.”

more from ENVE…

We demand lightweight for big elevation and long days in the saddle. We dream of floating up climbs, over obstacles and away from the pack. The G Series are the lightest tubeless rims we have ever produced.

The “bell” like shape of the G23 and G27 rim models is a lighter weight execution of our wide hookless bead and creates a rim section extremely capable of energy absorption and damping.

We demand toughness. In gravel riding, you need a rim that can handle everything from unexpected potholes in the road to a high speed impacts with death cookies, roots, and baby heads.

G23 = 700c x 23mm Internal Rim Width x 35-45mm tires

Rider’s looking for maximum versatility, speed and efficiency will gravitate towards the G23 paired with a 40mm tire. There’s a reason this is the most popular tire size in gravel right now.

G27 = 650b x 27mm Internal Rim Width x 2.0”-2.25” tires

Riders on rough and loose terrain, who primarily ride dirt, often find more confidence and control from a larger volume tire. Those who prioritize traction and stable control over flat out speed will appreciate the G27.




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