- - The "Equilibrium" by SZ Bikes

The “Equilibrium” by SZ Bikes


While one might wonder, what else can be done to improve the urban bicycle? … SZ Bikes seems to have accomplished something special with its new Equilibrium.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, the Equilibrium features a main frame comprised of aluminum, alongside a carbon fiber front fork, for optimal weight and compliance.

The Equilibrium’s most attractive features however, are its half-colored wheels, 2-speed automatic SRAM drivetrain, CNC machined pedals,  “spyder saddle”, hydraulic disc brakes and an integrated anti-theft system which has a built-in 120 decibel siren that is activated the moment the bike is even lightly touched. 


The Equilibrium is customizable also, wherein customers can choose the color of their frame and wheels, as well as choose from a list of accessories.


SZ Bikes says the Equilibrium will be available starting in September, which can be pre-ordered on the company’s website for approximately $820.

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