- - Eroica California Now Offers Event for Modern Bikes Called "Nova Eroica"

Eroica California Now Offers Event for Modern Bikes Called “Nova Eroica”

Up until now, lace-up shoes, toe-clips, wool togs and pre-1987 bikes in all manner of steel punctuated the Eroica California.

However, as of this year, organizers have created a new category called Nova Eroica, which allows cyclists riding modern-day bikes to participate in the scenic event.

Nova Eroica offers cyclists a chance to experience Eroica California on modern bicycles. This class will be run on the Coastal Route and is limited to the first 200 participants.”

The event will continue to offer vintage bike events comprising four routes that range from 40 to 127 miles.

This year’s longer rides will include gravel road sections, while the event continues to open with its customary festival that includes a vintage bike pageant and market. 

The California event is part of the Eroica series that includes events in South Africa, Tuscany, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, and the Netherlands.

Registration for both events can be found at

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