- - The European Cycling Challenge 2016

The European Cycling Challenge 2016


The European Cycling Challenge (ECC2016) is a spirited competition amongst urban cyclists, which takes pace annually from May1 to 31. 

The challenge pits European cities against one another, wherein the city that “rides” the longest total distance wins!

The challenge is open to all people living in participating cities, or traveling to and from said cities for work, study or other reasons.

All journeys must of course be made by bicycle, and all journeys must be valid ones, such as to and from the workplace, school, shopping, social events like the cinema, etc… 

Participation is free!


To join ECC2016 subscribe to your City Team, download the free App Cycling365 to your smartphone and track your journeys by bicycle.

The kilometers than you accrue will contribute to the total mileage of your team.


European Cycling Challenge


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