- - Factor Bikes Unveils New "Slick" Time Trial Bike

Factor Bikes Unveils New “Slick” Time Trial Bike


Factor Bikes will unveil its much anticipated Slick time trial bike during Paris-Nice today. 

Indeed, the Slick will break-cover alongside team AG2R La Mondiale, who will see its riders tackle today’s 14.5 kilometer individual time trial up Mont Brouilly.

The Slick features an updated version of Factor’s radical Twin Vane Evo downtube, which was first introduced on the company’s Factor ONE aero road bike.

According to Factor, its proprietary design combines “aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness”, by virtue of its split downtube that allows air to flow through the frame itself.

In addition, an optimized fork and wider seat stays, also add to the Slick’s wind cheating capabilities. Moreover, the wider fork and seat stays also provide more clearance, allowing a greater range of tires sizes up to 28mm to be used.


The Slick’s robust fuselage, features an oversized head tube area, along with a stout bottom bracket, which further contribute to the bike’s overall frame stiffness and power transfer.

Additionally, the Slick’s fork features a hidden front brake, as means of further decreasing air turbulence produced from the brake caliper, while the rear brake gets a similar treatment tucked underneath the bottom bracket.

Factor says, the fork’s concealed brake compartment can be easily accessed for any adjustments and maintenance. 


The frame layout of the Slick was produced in collaboration with the American company, 51 Speedshop, which uses a matrix of stainless steel and carbon fiber, that features a cockpit that’s fully adjustable, to include removal of the front derailleur for 1X drivetrains.

For example, stack height, angulation, reach, arm pad width and aero-bar extensions can all be adjusted to optimize each rider’s position. Furthermore, the Slick’s seatpost is available in two set-back options, zero or 27mm, and it comes in four frame sizes.

Lastly, Factor says there’s a version of the Slick aimed at triathletes that’s due out as well, which will be available with special storage integration and triathlon specific components. 

more from Factor Bikes…

Obsession for speed. Obsession for the highest performance. Obsession for all-round adjustability. The Factor SLICK was Driven by Obsession. From the re-engineered Twin Vane Evo downtube to the wider profile in the seat stays, the obsession is in the detail to create the fastest and most technically advanced time trial bike.

Since launching the original Vis Vires and the Factor ONE, the team at Factor have been obsessively studying, modifying and enhancing the frame structure in search of the lowest aerodynamic drag and the highest stiffness possible. The results? The Factor SLICK cuts straight through the wind, while also providing impressive power transfer and handling.

The Twin Vane Evo downtube has been optimised through CFD design with a great deal of time being spent in the wind tunnel to perfect the downtube and seat tube, both of which showcase design and engineering that is 100% unique to Factor.

  • Optimized Twin Vane Evo downtube lets the air run through while increasing the bike stiffness at the BB and headset
  • For even greater power transfer under pedaling, the Factor SLICK features tall chain stays taking up with whole width of the BBRight bottom bracket shell
  • Wide stance seat stays to allow the air to flow free through, rather than around, the frame and rear wheel
  • The SLICK hinged fork features a hidden, integrated brake and wide stance, deep airfoil profiled legs
  • No stiffness is lost between the fork and aerobats thanks to the SLICK direct mount stem

The Factor SLICK is the result of extensive aerodynamic design work, structural manufacturing optimization for best power transfer, integration of components and a wide range of adjustability to fit the rider perfectly.


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