- - Factor Dazzles with Special Chico Edition OSTRO Gravel Bike

Factor Dazzles with Special Chico Edition OSTRO Gravel Bike

Legendary skater and Factor Athlete Chico Brenes have joined forces to create a striking Capsule Collection, the highlight of which is the incredible OSTRO Gravel Chico Edition.

Starting with a modern take on midcentury design and typeface, the graphics for the OSTRO Gravel Chico Edition start with the lettering made almost entirely out of circles and semicircles to signify the wheels of a bicycle and the wheels of a skateboard.

From there, the stylized Factor and Chico Stix logos vibe with the minimalist imagery used to reflect Chico’s life experiences, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the beaches where he enjoys surfing, and the national bird of Nicaragua. Also, the images work together to illustrate Chico’s love of surfboarding, skateboarding, and cycling. And it all leads back to his arduous trip from Nicaragua to San Francisco, which historically was also a renowned Mecca for midcentury design.

Looking towards Chico’s background, the colors for the frame are based on the turquoise-browed motmot or Guardabarranco, in Spanish, which is the Nicaraguan national bird. The bird’s vibrant, beautifully colored plumes inspired the bike’s bold colors. To ensure the imagery and color-blocking work well together, a subtle distressed texture has been added to the striking colors. The effect works well with the bold lettering and is also reminiscent of the midcentury design that inspired the typeface. The result is toned-down enough not to be overpowering but still has the desired pop and brightness.

Underneath its vibrant, evocative paint job is the ultimate, high-performance fast gravel bike. Just because your rides take in a variety of surfaces doesn’t mean you are prepared to take a hit in your average speeds. The OSTRO Gravel provides all the lightweight, superior handling and performance that enthusiasts love about the OSTRO VAM and combines that with a 45mm wide tire capability and stable geometry, which results in a gravel bike that’s equally fast across all types of terrains.

In addition to the OSTRO Gravel Chico Edition, the collection includes special T-shirts, Hoodies and two skate decks, one for cruising and one for street skating. Factor also offers a special edition matching Castelli Jersey and Bib Shorts, as well as a matching bidon.






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