- - Favero Unveils New Assioma Duo Shi Power Meter Axles

Favero Unveils New Assioma Duo Shi Power Meter Axles

Favero has unveiled its latest Assioma Duo Shi power meter axles that are designed to be a direct fit with Shimano R8000 (Ultegra), R7000 (105), R6800 (previous generation Ultegra), R550, and R540 road pedals, offering dual-sided power measurement.

As their name suggests, the new Assioma Duo Shi axles are axle-based pods that rely on both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity to deliver power readings with a claimed accuracy of 1%, thanks to Favero’s “​​Instantaneous Angular Velocity” technology.

Additionally, the Assioma Duo Shi axles feature rechargeable batteries and electronics are permanently bonded to the axle, along with resin-filled enclosures that can provide weatherproofing up to a claimed IP67 rating, while battery life lasts more than 50 hours between USB cable charging. Moreover, the system has an automatic shut-off function when movement isn’t detected.

As far as fitment is concerned, using Shimano’s own pedal bodies means parameters like stack height and cleat placement are unchanged. However, the design of the new axles does increase the Q-factor a bit, adding 26mm to the existing pedals.

The Assioma Duo Shi axles weigh in at 198 grams for the pair, and sell for $585.

Unfortunately, the axles required a different factory calibration, so they’re not available as a conversion kit for existing Assioma owners.

Also, the bearing system is quite different from the original Assioma, as well as Shimano’s own design, more reasons why the axles aren’t retrofittable.






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