- - Fizik Launches New Terra and Tempo Artica GTX Winter Cycling Shoes

Fizik Launches New Terra and Tempo Artica GTX Winter Cycling Shoes

Fizik is squaring-off with Old Man Winter with the launch of its latest Terra and Tempo Artica GTX winter cycling shoes, giving both models windproof and waterproof properties that are compatible with three and two bolt pedal systems.

Fully insulated and fleece-lined, Fizik promises its new kicks will protect riders’ feet from the “most severe cold, wet weather”, while also looking pretty stylish as well.

“Wet roads, snowy trails, and chilly temperatures—winter riding comes with its own set of challenges, which is why we developed our latest warm, waterproof cycling shoes to keep up with the season’s worst conditions. Working together with the original outdoor industry innovators, we’ve created our first-ever GORE-TEX cycling shoes: enjoy good rides in bad weather with our new Artica GTX range. The new Artica GTX winter cycling shoes are designed to stop cold, wet weather, so you can keep going, whether road cycling this winter or spending the season exploring frozen gravel tracks and mountain biking trails,” boasts Fizik.

The road-going Artica GTX is designed around a three-bolt cleat pattern, while the off-road Terra is based on Fizik’s current Atlas model that has a two-bolt cleat pattern and a more aggressive tread, while both models feature a high-density PU-laminated upper paired with a lightweight GORE-TEX membrane for optimal warmth and durability, with waterproofing courtesy of a Gore-Tex Koala membrane.

Additionally, both models feature a closure system that comprises a large Velcro strap to secure the ankle and a single Boa L6 dial for fine-tuning fit, along with Fizik’s X5 combination nylon and rubber sole, providing a stiffness index of 5 out of 10. 

The Terra and Tempo both fetch the same price of $259.99, which are available in Black/Black and Purple/Black, and Black or White, respectively. 


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