- - Garneau and Reebok Partner to Create Indoor Specific Cycling Shoe

Garneau and Reebok Partner to Create Indoor Specific Cycling Shoe


Renown Canadian cycling brand, Garneau, has partnered with the leading fitness shoe company, Reebok, to create a new indoor specific cycling shoe called the Actifly.  

According to Garneau, the Actifly will be available through select spin studios, specialty retailers, online retailers, bicycle shops and on Reebok’s website starting in August.

In addition, the Actifly will be available in both a men’s and woman’s version, which will retail for $110.

“We are proud to be part of this great collaboration in an arena where fitness and cycling come together,” said Eric Sakalowsky, Garneau’s global marketing director. “Indoor cycling comes with unique demands. With Reebok, we present a product that is unique and adapted to the real needs of this athlete.”

Kelli McKenna, the head of Reebok Licensing, said, “We believe there is a need in the market for a shoe designed specifically for indoor cycling. Partnering with a leader in the cycling space like Louis Garneau allowed us to create an innovative shoe that combines features important to cyclists but also performance attributes expected by Reebok’s fitness consumer.”

Garneau says, the Actifly is specially designed to manage moisture build-up and maximize heat dissipation characteristic of indoor cycling, with its microfiber, perforated upper and hybrid nylon-fiberglass outsole.




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