- - The Glacier Downhill Bike Event: The World's Most Challenging Bike Race?

The Glacier Downhill Bike Event: The World’s Most Challenging Bike Race?

23/24.03.12 Saas-Fee Glacier Bike, Switzerland. PIC © Andy Lloyd

Traveling at speeds upwards of 75/mph (120/kph), the Glacier Downhill Bike Event in Saas-Fee, Switzerland may very well be the most challenging bike race in the world.

The cyclists start at the 3,500m summit of the Mittelallain, and proceed to make their way along a glacier until they finish at a base evelation of 1,800m in the village below.

However, navigating the steep descent which features a 1,700m drop in elevation isn’t the only challenge, the track as you see, is covered in snow and ice, making the race a huge challenge even for the most skilled cyclists. 

After the race is over and the competitors are rewarded with food and drink, along with a prize-giving ceremony which is held at the finish line.

We’re thinking a belt of whiskey and some psychiatric treatment afterwards may be more in order?  😛 



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