- - Harley-Davidson Announces Prices on New Serial 1 Range of E-Bikes

Harley-Davidson Announces Prices on New Serial 1 Range of E-Bikes

Harley-Davidson’s e-bike division, Serial 1, has announced pre-order pricing for its four new models, three of which will be available in the spring of 2021.

The new models comprise the Rush/CTY Speed ($4,999), Rush/CTY ($4,499), Rush/CTY Step-Thru ($4,399), and Mosh/CTY ($3,399). All are Class 1 e-bikes — with a maximum pedal assist of 20 mph — except the Rush/CTY Speed, which is a Class 3 with assist up to 28 mph, and will be available in the summer.

Pre-orders are eligible for free shipping in the lower 48 states and Germany.

All are Gates Belt-driven by a Brose Mag motor, producing 90nm/66 foot-pound torque. The Rush models utilize an auto-shift hub, while the Mosh relies on a single-speed hub.

The Rush/Speed and Rush/CTY have 706wh batteries, while the Rush/CTY Step-Thru and Mosh/CTY utilize 529wh batteries. All models have a handlebar mounted headlamp and LED tail and brake lights integrated into the frame dropouts.

The Serial 1 brand is led by a team of Harley-Davidson alumni, including Frank, Jason Huntsman, its president; Ben Lund, the vice president of product development; and Hannah Altenburg, the lead brand marketing specialist. Lund is a former design engineer at SRAM who joined Harley-Davidson in 2018.

Harley-Davidson describes Serial 1 as a “New venture created for eBicycles with minority equity participation for Harley-Davidson; marketed as Serial 1, Powered by Harley-Davidson.”

The Mosh/Cty is the most affordable model in part by using a single-speed drivetrain. This helps keep maintenance at a minimum, and the motor’s assistance means gears are often superfluous for casual city riding. It also makes it the lightest of the models at 48 lb (21.8kg), which is on the lighter end of the spectrum for a large e-bike (most are over 50 pounds, and often over 60).

On the other hand, the Rush/Cty bikes use an automatic Enviolo NuVinci transmission. The NuVinci system is already unique enough in that it offers completely smooth, step-less gear changes with almost no maintenance required, but the Rush models are among the rare bikes that offer fully automatic transmission.

Additionally, all models feature a unique battery setup, which positions it in a compartment right next to the motor, lowering the bike’s center of gravity for better handling. Also, while 500 Wh is typical for most mid-drive motors, the bottom three models get 529 Wh batteries that’s good for 35-115 miles of range.

However, the Rush/Cty Speed models are fitted with a 706 Wh battery that’s capable of jaunts from 25 to 115 miles – depending on the riding conditions. 



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