- - How to Ride Dirt And Gravel on a Road Bike

How to Ride Dirt And Gravel on a Road Bike

Gravel riding has become increasingly popular and with good reason – it’s super fun! Find out how to ride the rough stuff with these tips.

You’d be surprised just how resilient road bikes are when it comes to taking on dirt roads. Theses two GCN riders climbed 8km of gravel on the Colle Delle Finestre on 23mm tires. But the more time you want to spend off the beaten track, the more we’d recommend something in the region of a 28 or 30mm width.

Aside from equipment, technique becomes all the more important on loose surfaces. Keeping a smooth pedalling action will help you maintain traction – staying in the saddle is often the best idea.

Scanning ahead for the best line and braking smoothly in advance of corners will vastly decrease the chances of your wheels washing out from beneath you.

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