- - Kask Launches Mojito XL Helmet

Kask Launches Mojito XL Helmet

They say Americans and Europeans can be “thick-headed”, not so when it comes to helmets. In fact, when it comes to helmet sizing, it’s the Asians who have manufactures scratching their heads.

In the case of Kask, following a year-long study, the Italian brand has decided to introduce a larger version of its popular helmet, called the Mojito XL, in order to support the growing Asian market.

Putting political correctness aside for the sake of anthropology, the study yielded information that suggested, on average, Asian people typically have larger heads.

Alrighty, then.

The new Mojito therefore boasts a much larger head-size range of up to 64cm, along with twenty-six vents, CoolMax padding, an eco-leather chin strap and double-pivot adjustable system for a comfortable and secure fit.

The helmet will be available in five colors: black; white; white/black; white/red; and black/red. A white/green option will be added for the 2016 collection. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Kask Cycling Sales Manager, Ylenia Battistello, said:

“If you looked at a group ride in the US or Europe a few years ago, you’d have seen very little diversity among the riders. This is starting to change, and having a well-fitting, comfortable helmet means it’s worn properly.

“We worked with our R&D department to take measurements all over Asia, focusing on Japan, China, Korea and Thailand, to better understand the normal distribution and the populations’ standard deviations in head size and shape. We then created a range of designs and worked with our local distribution partners to test these over many months, constantly refining it to make them as comfortable and well-fitting as possible.

“The wide normal distribution within these markets meant an additional helmet was needed to cater for all of it. The existing Mojito is one of the most adjustable and comfortable helmets on the market and we believe that, with the addition of the Mojito XL, we will be able to ensure the majority of the Asian market will be able to ride with a Kask helmet that is properly fitted and comfortable.”

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