- - Komoot Offers New Subscription-Based Premium Package

Komoot Offers New Subscription-Based Premium Package

Known for its popular route planning and navigation app, Komoot is now offering a new subscription-based, premium package that the company says “is tailored to its members who wish to take their adventuring one or even two steps further”. “It provides the most specific tools needed to confidently enjoy a detailed, rich experience in the great outdoors, whether on foot or by bike”.

The premium package offers a host of new features, allowing users to download worldwide maps for use offline, receive detailed weather reports for planned tours, make use of cycling -specific maps and receive discounts from over 900 brands.

According to Komoot, the Personal Collections feature also allow users to “bundle tours and highlights into customizable collections”, as well as “being  perfect for sorting the tour history, planning upcoming adventures and sharing them”.

Perhaps, the biggest addition to the premium package is its Multi-Day-Planner, which allows users to plot their next adventure and includes Komoot’s “desire to offer specific tools that support those in our community who wish to go further”.

Komoot Premium consists of five core features. 

On-tour weather

Dynamic weather forecasting covers every inch of planned tours, providing information about when the most optimal time frame for the upcoming adventure would be. A built-in wind indicator lets cyclists determine the most optimal direction for their outing, while a UV index and sunrise and sundown warnings advise whether sunglasses, extra clothing and lights would be a good idea.’

Personal collections

Tours and highlights, both completed or planned, can now be bundled into collections, making it easier for komoot users to sort and organize their favorite outdoor experiences. Showing the complete story behind the most epic adventures has never been more fun, and the ability to create a beautiful overview of upcoming adventures, has never been easier.’

Sports-specific maps

Komoot Premium sports-specific maps display detail relevant to that activity and remove the clutter. Official cycling and hiking routes and mountain bike singletracks together with their difficulty ratings, are highlighted on the map, making them easier to include them in tour planning.’

Multi-day planner

Plan longer adventures in one session, including accommodation – be it a bike-packing overnighter, hut-to-hut hike or full-blown ride across the Alps. The komoot Premium multi-day planner is a smart tour planner that removes the heavy lifting in planning tours that span multiple days, by breaking the distance into digestible stages based on total daily moving time. It provides a comparative overview of any tour changes made, and adjusts the route to and from the doorstep of your accommodation.

The cost of Komoot Premium is £59.99 per year, with a 50% discount for users who have already paid to unlock all regions’ maps.

The Premium package is available in Android and iOS applications, although the multi-day planner option is not yet enabled for iOS, which Kommot says will be available in time.

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