- - Kopus Partners with Gochic Bicycles to Create the "YEE" Bike

Kopus Partners with Gochic Bicycles to Create the “YEE” Bike

The YEE bike is the result of a collaboration between the Taiwanese design studios of Kopus and Gochic Bicycles.

According to the designers, the YEE draws its inspiration from the renowned Millau Viaduct bridge of France, with a silhouette that features a top tube that extends into the frame’s rear triangle, giving the bike its architectural beauty.  

The frame itself, is handmade from molybdenum steel, a material ideally suited for optimal balance between weight and durability.  

The finish of the YEE, claims to use the same paint that Ferrari uses on its coveted automobiles, with color choices ranging from the mild to the wild.

As for the YEE’s drive-system, a carbon composite belt from Gates was chosen for its smooth, quiet performance and maintenance free operation that can last up to 10 years. 

Production for the YEE has been limited to just 100 bikes for the world market, which can be purchased from Gochic Bicycles. 

By the way, the word YEE is derived from the Chinese homophonic ‘一’,  a symbolic that represents the connection between man and bicycle.  

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