- - The Latest Fitness Craze: Water Biking

The Latest Fitness Craze: Water Biking


We’er at a loss for words when it comes to describing the latest fitness wave called Water Biking

According to the Miami-based Water Biking Studio, Water Biking first gained popularity on the European fitness scene, before peddling its way across the ocean bottom to these shores.

“At WaterBiking Studio, we throw a pool party everyday!” “Every body is invited and can enjoy our effective, accessible and unforgettable water workouts.” “We have brought the global sensation of aqua athletics to the Magic City with our all aqua-fitness studio.” “Our low-impact exercise routines not only tone the body and burn calories (twice as many calories as on land), but also improve joint flexibility and aid in active recovery.” “That means that anyone can get into our low stress and high intensity water workouts”, say the company’s website.


What benefit Water Biking has over traditional spin classes, or actual cycling itself, leaves us struggling to stay afloat. 

Perhaps a far-flung marketing scheme that involves reality shows such as  Bikenado, Bay Watch Goes Cycling and a collaboration with Rapha on a new Underwater Prestige Series, lies at the bottom of it?

A steady current of liquid assets regarding the development of waterproof chamois cream may prove to be a buoyant marketing idea as well?

Maybe we’re just all wet on this one.  

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