- - Lazer Tests i-Sensor Helmet

Lazer Tests i-Sensor Helmet


If Lazer isn’t busy creating some of the most stylish and comfortable lids in the cycling realm, then they’re engaged in such forward thinking as to the possibility of a “smart” helmet. Behold the i-Sensor.

Imagine a little black box designed to attach to Lazer’s Wasp and Wasp Air TT helmets, that  contains a tilt angle sensor, a speaker and a mechanism to vibrate the shell of the helmet, to alert cyclists if they deviate from their desired position. Moreover, cyclists can configure different positions based on different riding conditions or bikes, in order  to maximize angle variances.

According to Lazer, if their testing continues to progress, they fully intent to bring the i-Sensor technology to market. 

Indeed, the company’s development director, Guido de Bruyne, said:

“The technology won’t come cheap on top of an already pricy helmet, but head position is fairly critical to the effectiveness of an aero helmet and there’s always riders out there looking to shave off the seconds, so there’ll certainly be some interest.”

Lazer says they have no confirmed launch date for the i-Sensor, but production is underway, with a possible release date at the end of the year.


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