- - Lightweight Unveils New V60 FERNWEG

Lightweight Unveils New V60 FERNWEG

photo credits @ Lightweight/Facebook 

The Uber Lords of carbon fiber, Lightweight, unveiled their latest addition to the FERNWEG range of wheels – the V60.

The V60 essentially differentiates itself from the existing V80 by virtue of its 60mm rim profile, thus the name V60.

Lightweight’s goal with the new V60, is to offer triathletes a lower profile front wheel option to mate with the 80mm FERNWEG.

The V60 utilizes Lightweight’s carbon spoke, foam core, sandwich construction, to yield the company’s inimitable weight to stiffness and aerodynamics properties.

According to Lighweight, the V60 will be available in both tubular and clincher versions, with a claimed weight of just 625g in tubular, and an addition 85g for the clincher version. 

Pricing is expected to fall around the same as the current FERNWEG, with production getting underway as soon as next week. 

From Lightweight

Lightweight Premiere: Please wellcome the FERNWEG VR 60 speed wheel. FERNWEG wheels are a fixture in competitive time trialing and triathlons. Our lightning-fast wheelsets are at home wherever aerodynamics meets acceleration, stiffness, and velocity.

The FERNWEG series has a new addition: the FERNWEG VR 60. This new front wheel is also available in both tubular and clincher models, of course. The sheer facts: 60mm rim depth – 625g weight as tubular – fits triathlon bikes as well as aero road bikes……the ride: indiscribable!


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