- - LITGARD Launches Updated 2.0 Smart Helmet

LITGARD Launches Updated 2.0 Smart Helmet

Longtime friends and bicycle aficionados, Alex and Konstantinos, set out in 2020 to tackle the number one safety-concern of cyclists on the streets once and for all – to make drivers aware of you and your intentions on the street.

“From off-road biking in the Swiss Alps to the daily commute through Zurich City, the importance of proper safety equipment always stood out to us. This knowledge helped us in producing the next generation bicycle helmet. We co-founded LITGARD GmbH to bring you a helmet which offers you excellent protection but also remains affordable, without compromising comfort. A helmet that is not just smart, but also discreet and elegant. And we believe that we made it,” say the founders.

Weighing in at an impressive 290 grams, the latest iteration of the LITGARD, aptly called the LITGARD 2.0, features a rear fitting system that allows the rider to adjust the helmet for maximum stability, comfort and safety, along with signal functions and brake lights that are controlled via a waterproof, wireless remote control to clearly alert drivers to the rider’s intentions.

Additionally, the LITGARD 2.0 is also equipped with a USB rechargeable battery with Integrated LED lights that offer 360° visibility with three modes.

To switch between modes, all that’s required is a short-press button that’s located at the rear of the helmet. To turn LITGARD 2.0 on or off, one simply presses and holds the rear button for half a second. Moreover, the button is ergonomically designed, so riders can locate it with a simple, intuitive move of their hand.

Here are the modes:                             

  • Mode 1: Just as a simple tail-light, hopefully however, not as frequently stolen or forgotten at home. Best suited for conditions with high visibility. Offers the lowest battery consumption among modes (run time: 14.5hrs).
  • Mode 2: White light at 70% allows you to be visible at night from all angles but in a discreet manner and with an economic battery consumption profile (run time: 7.0hrs). 
  • Mode 3: White light at 100% brightness not only makes you visible from all angles but also illuminates the area around you. Ideal in conditions with very low visibility. Highest battery consumption (run time: 4.0hrs).

Aerodynamics also played an important role in developing the LITGARD 2.0, which comprises multiple vents including inner air channels that are designed to draw cool air towards the helmet and over the brow, allowing it to pass-through quickly to the rear of the helmet.

LITGARD has undertaken a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, offering early-backers the special incentive price of $281 for two helmets with an expected delivery date of August. 



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