- - LIVALL B81H "Smart" Bike Helmet

LIVALL B81H “Smart” Bike Helmet


It seems that everything is getting “smarter” in the cycling world – except motorists.

As a result, there’s been a steady out-cropping of new and inventive products that have been focussed squarely on increasing safety, especially in the way of helmets and lighting.

Some of the more sophisticated products to emerge over the last year, have been LIVALL’s “smart” helmets, which according to the designers, were the first to incorporate such features as taillights and turn signals, along with axis G-sensor monitors that could detect sudden accelerations/decelerations and send out an alert to the rider’s emergency contacts in the event of an accident.

However, not all of the helmets’ features were purely focussed on safety.

Indeed, the helmets also came equipped with a built-in Bluetooth mic and speakers, which allowed cyclists to receive or make phone calls while riding, as well as stream their favorite music.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, LIVALL has returned to Indiegogo to raise money for its latest helmet, the BH81H, which not only carries over all of the features of its predecessors, but now incorporates heart-rate monitor and photo taking capabilities as well.



You can learn more about the B81H helmet by checking out LIVALL’s Indiegogo page here.


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