- - Look Offers New Keo Blade and X-Track Power Meter Pedals

Look Offers New Keo Blade and X-Track Power Meter Pedals

Look has launched new versions of its Keo Blade and X-Track power meter pedals, which the French brand claims are not only less expensive, but they’re more accurate and lighter as well.

“The latest generation of electronic components combined with proven algorithms to allow consistent power measurement and reliable data with an accuracy of +/- 1%, regardless of air temperature or altitude,” boasts Look.

While the previous generation pedals were developed in partnership with SRM, Look says the new Keo Blade Power and X-Track Power were designed entirely in-house and are manufactured in France.

The Keo Blade Power is built around Look’s latest Keo Blade Carbon pedal body, which is compatible with three-bolt Look Keo road cleats, making them the lightest power meter pedals at just 260g per set, while the X-Track Power uses Look’s aluminum 2-bolt pedal body, tipping the scales at 400g per set.

Additionally, Look says the set-up process has been streamlined as well, requiring a 15mm spanner wrench and only about 30 seconds to install, with both pedals relying on a dedicated app and Bluetooth and ANT+ to sync and communicate with virtually any cycling computer on the market.

“The dedicated Look App offers riders a complete breakdown of statistics including normalized power, intensity factor, power zones, training stress score, functional threshold power, pedaling smoothness, and torque effectiveness. The Look App provides clear guidance on pedal installation, warranty registration, firmware updates, and accessing support materials. Moreover, users can carry out tasks such as product calibration, customize settings and monitor battery status. Also, our batteries can provide up to 60 hours of use before you need to recharge via USB-C, which two hours or less to fully charge,” explains Look. 

Lastly, Look assures its new pedals can stand up to the most severe conditions. To wit, “the electronic components and batteries are integrated within the pedal axle to eliminate the risk of water, mud and dust infiltration. The X-Track Power pedals meet the requirements of IPX7 testing, while the Keo Blade Power pedals have been upgraded from the previous model with a new lever shape to improve durability and an updated center of gravity for easier clip-in,” says Look. 

The Look Keo Blade Power pedals are priced from $679 for single-sided sets, with the dual-sided version setting buyers back $999, while single and dual-sided versions of the X-Track Power sell for $759 and $1,099, respectively.

Keo Blade Power  

  • Cleat Keo Grip 
    Axle Steel
    Retention 16Nm – Carbon
    Contact surface 705mm2 
    Q-factor 53mm 
    Stack 10.8mm
    Weight 260g (pair)

X-Track Power  

  • Cleat SPD compatible
    Axle Steel
    Retention 6-14Nm
    Contact surface 550mm
    Q-factor 53mm 
    Stack 10.7mm
    Weight 400g (pair)





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