- - LOOK Unveils New 895 Vitesse Track Bike

LOOK Unveils New 895 Vitesse Track Bike

LOOK has unveiled its latest track bike called the 895 Vitesse, giving velodrome specialists a more affordable option to tackle the boards with.

“The 895 VITESSE takes the opening in our range between the T20 and the 875 Madison and fills it with high class, effective performance at a competitive price point. As its name suggests, this is a bike designed for uncompromising speed. A bike that will accept nothing less than winning. When the head and the legs say go, it asks no question but simply answers with the full extent of its pureblood heritage. The commanding BSA 68mm bottom bracket is ultra-stiff for maximum power transfer and unlike its bigger brother the T20, does not feature the ZED crankset. This means it can be fitted with any track crankset on the market for utmost versatility,” says LOOK.

The 895 Vitesse features an integrated seat mast with a reversible clamp for optimizing setback, while a newly designed top tube gains better aerodynamic efficiency thanks to slightly more slope and an inward sweep.

To further cheat the wind, the seat tube curves around the rear wheel in an attempt to reduce drag even more.

Another feature that highlights the 895 Vitesse is LOOK’s Carbon Track Stem that’s available in no fewer than 18 sizes, ranging from 55mm to 140mm.

“At the front end, it borrows the fork of the T20 and combines it with the integrated, rotative Carbon Track Stem to allow for extremely precise fitting no matter the rider’s position and riding style. The aggressive design extends into oversized, carefully profiled tubes before wrapping around the rear wheel to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. The seat tube is fully integrated to further improve aero performance, with a dedicated, reversible saddle cradle that allows for custom fitting,” explains LOOK.

Additionally, in order to make it a full French affair, Look suggests pairing the 895 Vitesse with Corima’s WS1 carbon wheelers that’s available in depths of 32, 47 and 58mm.

The 895 Vitesse is available in four sizes, extra small, small, medium and large for $4,500, while colors have been kept to either Cote d’Azur, which gives a nod to the blue colored boards that accent most indoor velodromes, or the stealthy Pro Team matte black that LOOK splashed on its recent Olympic bikes.  




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