- - Man Sets New World Record for Most Countries Cycled in Seven Days

Man Sets New World Record for Most Countries Cycled in Seven Days

British cyclist, Robbie Ferri, made it his mission to cycle in as many countries in only seven days, with the Guinness World Record standing at 11.

He was able to beat that target by cycling in 12 countries in September but had initially hoped to make it through 14.

Ferri, said: “I came back really disappointed, the record is so easily achievable.”

Ferri set-out last year to break the record, but his quest was cut short when he suffered a knee injury on the fourth day. Nevertheless, he still manage to set another record, after cycling 5 countries in 24 hours.

Still, Ferri remained undeterred, and set about breaking the record for this year.

“It was a real shame looking back but I’m glad I had to work for it,” he said. “It made it a more realistic possibility.”

Starting from Poland, he weaved his way through eastern Europe, battling poor weather conditions in the Balkans and was about to cross the Alps in Italy when he suddenly fell ill.

“I lost 12 hours in the end and I woke up thinking there was going to be a high chance of not making it.

“Without the problems I could have definitely be able to do the 14, I know my level of fitness,” he added.

Covering 250 miles on the seventh and final day, Ferri eventually ended his journey in Germany with only 45 minutes to spare.

“I lost a lot of daylight hours but I really liked riding at night, it was beautiful,” he said. “Because I was spending a lot of time at dusk and dawn it was stunning everywhere.

“I can’t believe how beautiful easter Europe was, I can’t wait to go back.

“Although the weather was terrible the wildlife was beautiful.”

Ferri will attempt the challenge for the third time next year on a new route with the hope that he will reach 14 countries.


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