- - MCipollini Offers New Made-to-Measure MCM Road frame

MCipollini Offers New Made-to-Measure MCM Road frame


One of the main criticisms of MCipollini’s range of road bikes has been their overly aggressive, race inspired geometry that’s left many potential customers seeking advanced yoga lessons before purchasing.

However, the bespoke Italian brand has finally heeded the call to create a less race inspired model with a new made-to-measure road frame called the MCM – which now allows the more mortal side of the cycling masses to choose a geometry that’s right for them.  

And, if that isn’t enough, MCipollini is offering an electric motor assisted version called the MCM2, which is sure to pique the ire of race officials everywhere.

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Sticking with the human-powered version, MCipollini employs its usual styling panache to the MCM, which features a newly developed carbon frame, fork, seatpost and headset. But unlike its siblings, it utilizes a tube-to-tube construction that allows for completely customizable geometry, as well as personalized paint options. Moreover, unlike many other custom bike brands, MCipollini says turn-around time for the MCM can be as quick as 60 to 80 days.

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At 1200g for the frame alone, the MCM is by no means light. However, ride quality and performance seem to have become more properly the talking points for assessing a road bike’s mettle these days, than mere weight alone.

Like all MCipollini bikes, admission doesn’t come cheap, as the MCM carries a price tag of $4300 for the frameset. 

more from MCipollini…

Not just a bicycle, but
the perfect expression
of what you are.

Your MCM: Mario Cipollini Custom Made bike, designed and constructed on the basis of the precise biomechanical characteristics of your body.

An instrument that can deal with every challenge, made to measure specifically for you by the Cipollini technical staff.

A modular bike with an innovative connection system, impeccable layup, extraordinarily agile and rigid. But most of all, yours and yours only.


  • Modular made-to-measure wound frame with perfectly integrated layers free of burrs or stepping on the wound tubes, and profiled tube design for greater rigidity
  • Geometries and lengths customized to the rider’s instructions or from a Bike Fitting Report (biomechanical)
  • T2T wrapped anchoring system
  • Press fit bottom bracket shell 41 x 86.5 mm
  • Conical headset and aero Fork, dimension 1’ 1/2”-1’ 1/4”, straight fork arms for improved riding sensitivity and configuration rigidity
  • Layup in K1 T800 carbon fibre
  • Seat-post with Ghost clamp on a height adjustable rail
  • Caliper brakes Integrated cable ducts
  • Frame predisposed for electronic, mechanical and wifi groups-set with integrated wiring
  • Fitting support maximum 28” tires
  • Minimum size 44, maximum 63




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