- - MCipollini's Made-to-Measure MCM Road Bike

MCipollini’s Made-to-Measure MCM Road Bike

We’ve featured articles about MCipollini’s made-to-measure MCM road bike before, but as new details have emerged, we felt it warranted a follow-up. 

The MCM, which according to MCipollini stands for Mario Cipollini Custom Made (things don’t get anymore acronymous than that), uses a construction method that the Italian company prefers to call modular made-to-measure instead of the standard nomenclature tube-to-tube.

MCipollini says, the difference between the fabrication techniques lies in the application of perfectly integrated layers of K1 T800 carbon fiber that are free of burrs or stepping at the juncture of each wound tube.

Not only does this allow engineers to fabricate a frame based on desired geometry, it also results in greater rigidity than simply wrapping each joint that’s commonly done in a traditional tube-to-tube assembly.

However, above and beyond the obvious benefits of full customization the MCM offers, it’s the unique features like the innovative seatpost and clamp design, which not only nicely matches the sculpted aesthetics of the bike’s rear-triangle, but also comprises a special “ghost” clamp on  the seattube that precisely secures the post in place, that impresses. 

Other features that are equally impressive about the MCM, is the integrated headtube and fork crown design that solidly anchors the robust 1 1/4in to 1 1/2in carbon steerer, along with the cutaway seattube that allows for better clearance and the channeling of air around the leading edge of the rear wheel.

The MCM sells for $3,800, and it’s available in six standard geometries ranging from  XS to XXL, which are surprising very accommodating for most riders, especially in light of the fact that MCipollini’s geometry has always been notoriously aggressive.

As mentioned however, the hallmark of the MCM is that it’s available in custom geometry to perfectly suit the customer’s needs.

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MCM stands for “Mario Cipollini Custom Made”, designed and constructed on the basis of the
individual rider’s exact biomechanical characteristics. The perfect tool to take on any challenge,
made to measure by the Cipollini technical team. A modular bike with an innovative assembly system,
which is impeccable, extraordinarily agile and rigid. Customised carbon frame, ideal for those who want
an artisanal bike tailored to them like the finest suit, with an optimum weight/rigidity ratio.

Something truly unique, able to satisfy even the most demanding clients.


MCipollini USA


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