- - MET Launches New Strale Helmet

MET Launches New Strale Helmet


It’s freshening to see that not every helmet that hits the market these days is focused purely on aerodynamics.

Indeed, such is the case with MET’s new Strale, which places more emphasis on comfort and ventilation than it does trying to cheat the wind.

According to MET, the new Strale utilizes a “venturi effect” via a unique air channeling system that effectively pulls in cool air and pushes heat  out. Moreover, its streamline, feather-light construction makes for a helmet that’s both extremely comfortable and unobtrusive.


In addition, the Strale is equipped with MET’s Safe-T Duo Fit system, which has micro-metric adjustment, 4 vertical adjustments, and is “ponytail” compatible for both female and male riders – especially hipsters of the “man bun” persuasion.

The Strale also features MET’s cam divider, which provides two levels of extra stability and security, with a built-in crimping bar on the divider that grips the helmet strap, preventing slippage.


The Strale is available in two sizes and a range of seven striking colors.



MET Strale

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