- - Moots Introduces New Express eBike

Moots Introduces New Express eBike

Moots has introduced its latest adventure-ready eBike dubbed the Express, offering enthusiasts one bike that’s capable of tacking both on-road and off-road pursuits with a single instrument.

“In the world of ebikes, there was a clear path forward for us, applying decades of design and build experience into a purpose-built model designed to go the distance. The Express brings Moot’s electric-powered vision to reality,” boasts the Colorado-based brand. 

“The core concept of pushing harder and going further has always motivated Moots. So, to introduce a power-assisted bike into their fleet, it had to do two core things: First, to enable riders to seek & explore further. And second, to showcase design characteristics that elevate the experience beyond other power-enabled bikes on the market today. Those being rider comfort, ride quality, ability to conquer mixed trail conditions, and the long-term durability that is synonymous with ors name.The freedom to adventure more and travel farther, faster. Explore the ups and downs. Gain more twists and turns. From soft gravel footpaths and bone-rattling washboard, all the way out to the open-range two-track. Whether it’s dust, mud, wind, rain, or a beautiful bluebird sunny day… above all, the view around that next hidden bend is within reach because, with the Moots Express, the trail ahead is unpaved with possibility,” adds Moots.

At the center of the Express is a class 3 Shimano EP801 drive unit that’s tuned to deliver 60nm power alongside an easily removal 504wH battery, while a 1 x 11 system combined with a 47 tooth front chainring and an 11/50T rear cassette offers a wide selection of gearing. Moreover, the EP801 system allows riders the choice of two levels of Autoshift control, which automatically adjusts gearing based on their input torque and cadence.

There’s also plenty of contact points on the frame, allowing up to two water bottles, along with a 3-pack mount on each fork leg and integrated fender mounts front and rear, while a set of Shimano GRX carbon wheels come wrapped with 50c Panaracer GravelKing+ tires.

All in, Moots says the Express tips the scales at 33 pounds. 

Other notable features include:

  • Range: With a range well past 100* miles, the Express will deliver more ride distance than nearly any bike on the market today. ​(*depending on ride characteristics like assist level use, rider weight, elevation gain, wind speeds, and tire pressure.)
  • The power curve is able to be tuned through the Shimano E-TUBE app. 
  • Components: The Express is spec’d with a premium Shimano system from nose to tail, for their proven, premium performance and reliable service for years to come. Shimano LinkGlide chain, cassette, and chainring are designed and built specifically for eBikes to deliver precise shifting and durability for the extra torque the bike delivers. 
  • No mess/No fuss: Fully internal routing via Moots MOD series components; handlebar and stem
  • Intuitive ease of use: The right shifter controls the derailleur while the left shifter adjusts the assist mode to seamlessly add or reduce available power assist.
  • Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

The Express sells for $9,999.00, which is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. 




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