- - Muc-Off Offers New Disc Brake Protective Covers

Muc-Off Offers New Disc Brake Protective Covers

Muc-Off has launched a simple, but effective way to keep unwanted chemicals away from disc brakes during maintenance. 

The new neoprene protective covers are designed to wrap around the entire disc brake assembly including the rotors via a velcro lining that fastens both halves together.  

The goal is to protect the brakes from coming into contact with lubricants or solvents during routine maintenance that can impede braking power.

After use, the covers can be easily wiped-off or rinsed, and quickly made ready for the next job.

Muc-Off sells the covers for £22.50, which can be purchased directly from their website.

Oh, and we dig the Roxy Music inspired colors too!


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