- - The "Mumbai Mess": The World's Most Challenging Bike Messenger Race

The “Mumbai Mess”: The World’s Most Challenging Bike Messenger Race


What happens when three of the world’s most accomplished bike messengers face-off in complete traffic chaos?

Six kilometers through rush hour madness is not a feat for the faint of heart in any city, but in Mumbai? Well that is a whole different story.

Here, three fearless bike messengers take on the dangerous streets and alleys of Mumbai, weaving their way through traffic to make delivers under the most extreme conditions.

With their pride on the line, and in a city where traffic regulations seem to be viewed as nothing more than a set of “guidelines”, all rules were thrown out the window.

Indeed, the messengers ran red lights, overtook buses, dogged bewildered pedestrians and even weathered a crash or two.

As a testament to the fact that bike couriering is so much more than just making money, these messengers prove their skills by going above and beyond getting from point A to point B.

Watch the video and see why!

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