- - MyVeloFit Offers Online Bike Fit Software

MyVeloFit Offers Online Bike Fit Software

Lockdowns be damned, as a Canadian tech start-up called MyVeloFit is offering cyclists an alternative to in-person bike fittings with the launch of a new app that allows them to optimize their bike fit at home with nothing more than a smartphone.

Relying on artificial intelligence, the app uses a video-based motion capture system to help cyclists improve their position such as proper saddle height with correct fore/aft position, as well as adjusting the overall “cockpit” of their bike (i.e. handlebar position, stack height ect..).

From there, the app generates a report based on the initial assessment, providing recommendations based on the cyclist’s pedal stroke.

“Our technology is designed to first assess you and your individual abilities in terms of flexibility and mobility, then assess your position on the bike to make quality recommendations on your optimal position,” says MyVeloFit.

“The technology behind MyVeloFit has been designed to identify the same body segments that professional bike fitters measure to determine your position on the bike.”

“Our margin for error is within that of the leading fit systems,” MyVeloFit claims.

“We’re here to provide an accurate fit assessment and that’s it. We have no interest in using bike fit as part of a sales process.”

The MyVeloFit app has three pricing options starting with a free entry-level option, while the mid level “enthusiast” package costs $35 and offers all the features of the top level “pro” package, but limits access to two weeks and a single profile.

The “pro” package offers unlimited use for 12 months and is priced at $75.

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