- - New AGILIS Cycling Apparel Brand Launches

New AGILIS Cycling Apparel Brand Launches

A new cycling apparel brand called AGILIS has launched, spearheaded by former Welsh rugby star Shane Williams.

“Since I retired from professional rugby, cycling and triathlons have become an important part of my life, a means of finding a community of like-minded people and a chance to test myself and be competitive – the things I would otherwise have lost. 

“There are so many positive aspects to these sports, whether it be physical health, mental wellbeing or social, I hope that through AGILIS I can attract even more people to take them up.”

The initial range comprises men’s and women’s short and long sleeve jerseys, bibshorts, a vest (or a gilets as the British insist) and bibshorts, bedecked in all manner of black with grey and gold accents.

“There’s something about an all-black kit that gives you strength, makes you feel invincible. Perhaps that’s why the New Zealand All Blacks are so good,” says Williams.

In addition to the cycling-specific garments, Williams has also introduced a range of leisurewear, targeting cyclists who are looking for comfort when off the bike.  

“I wanted a range of leisurewear that helps me prepare in the right manner for competition, but comfortable and stylish enough to wear every day in any context.”

You can see the new range of apparel by visiting AGILIS’ website here.

Chwaethus yn wir!


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