- - New "Cyclemate" Can Record Videos and Takes Photos on Rides

New “Cyclemate” Can Record Videos and Takes Photos on Rides


Cyclemate is designed to record cycling journeys without the need of a computer or television in order to enjoy playback. 

The new device is the design work of Youngmu Lee, which features built-in WiFi, stereo speakers, a projector and smart alert functionality, which easily affixes to any handlebar via its magnetic support.   

This innovative social-sharing peripheral is designed for cycling groups who want to capture and share every aspect of their rides together, without the need of uploading the footage to a large computer or external screen source in order to view it.  

The modular design consists of rugged compact portable cameras, shooting caps, a projector and easy-to-use handlebar holders, which stays snugly together thanks to its magnetic construction. 


Using Cyclemate is simple.

At the beginning of a ride, all cyclists need to do is attach it to their bikes. From there, video and still photos are automatically uploaded to a dedicated mobile app, which allows the footage to be easily viewed, shared and even swapped amongst the group.


Better still, the group can use the built-in projector to replay their ride or go through the set of photos together via any smartphone. 


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