- - New Cycling Cookbook: "Outside is Free"

New Cycling Cookbook: “Outside is Free”

Food on any cycling adventure doesn’t have to be bland. Renowned cycling chef, Henrik Orre, takes readers along his own cycling adventure in “Outside is Free”, and shows simple meals that can be created at any basecamp. Colorful and nutritious, these meals help you recover from a day’s ride, and re-fuel to enjoy the next big day of riding.

Who It’s For

A cookbook for those looking to add some variety to their current campfire meals, or bringing some more simplicity to their kitchen, without losing quality or flavor.

Why We Made It

We enjoy great food as much as a great ride. Henrik presented this book to us as a wonderful addition to any cycling home. Filled with simple meals that can be created at the camp, or at home, it’s a cookbook that we’ll be sure to use regularly. Follow along as Henrik takes readers through his own gravel cycling adventure, cooks at the basecamp, presents tips for a successful cycling trip, and even shows creative coffee brew secrets. A fully encompassing backcountry cookbook that comes in a protective bag with a lightweight trail side spork (spoon and fork).

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