- - New Illustrated Cycling Book: "Storia del Ciclismo in 100 Oggetti"

New Illustrated Cycling Book: “Storia del Ciclismo in 100 Oggetti”

Author Suze Clemitson takes a new look at the history of competitive cycling via a rich collection of illustrations and pictures. 

Why does the leader of the Tour de France wear a yellow shirt? Who invented the derailleur gears? What is a wind tunnel? How did women’s fashion influence the evolution of bicycles?

These are just a few of the questions answered in the book, which retraces the history of cycling and the evolution of the bicycle’s design thanks to 100 essential objects: from the draisine to the folding bike, from the GoPro action-cam to aerodynamic bike helmet through the pedal-powered washing machine.

Featuring an extensive collection of pictures and illustrations this book will help readers understand the history and magic of the vehicle that revolutionized our society. 

The only downside for us yanks is the book is available in Italian only. 

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