- - New MORGAW App Calculates and Stores Saddle Positions

New MORGAW App Calculates and Stores Saddle Positions


As many bike fit experts know, getting the right saddle position is tantamount to achieving a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Yet, despite all of the high-tech instrumentation that has been developed over the years, as bike fit has continued to become more and more of a scientific approach, something such as proper saddle tilt or set-back can still rely upon some pretty crude trial and error methods. Moreover, once a cyclist has found his or her optimal saddle position, the parameters of that perfect position can easily be lost, the moment something is changed. 

A solution to this problem may now be found with MORGAW’s new app called “Saddle Adjust”, which not only aids in the discovery of finding a cyclist’s ideal saddle position, but it has ability to store the information as well. 

Indeed, the new app allows cyclists to memorize up to three different saddle setups, by saving both the images and angles of said positions. From there, after changing and experimenting with different positions, cyclists can retrieve their optimal position(s) by simply accessing the data stored in the app via any smart device.

To learn more, check out MORGAW”s videos.



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