- - New Poster For Lance Armstrong Biopic "The Program"

New Poster For Lance Armstrong Biopic “The Program”

StudioCanal just unveiled its new poster for Stephen Frears’ upcoming biopic, The Program, which outlines the meteoric rise and equally crushing fall of Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong.

Gracing the pages of Empire Magazine, the poster is a moody teaser for Frears’ drama, who is no stranger to depicting real-life figures after working on the likes of the award-winning The Queen with Helen Mirren.

However, in the case of the The Program, Frears delves into a topic that is both controversial and contemporary, which captures both the once golden, untainted reputation of Armstrong, to his plunging fall from grace. 

In the title role as the disgraced cyclist is Ben Foster, while Chris O’ Dowd is on board to play Irish journalist David Walsh. Rounding out the cast are Dustin Hoffman, Guillaume Canet and Jesse Plemons.

What separates The Program from other biopics of its kind, is the depth of Armstrong as a character. Granted, Foster is taking on the task of portraying a loaded public figure with his own interpretation, but it will be fascinating to see how both he and Frears balance the moral grey areas of Armstrong’s psyche.

The Program debuts in the UK on October 16. However, there’s still no word when the film with arrive Stateside release. 

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