- - New Saddle Brand "REPENTE" Launches

New Saddle Brand “REPENTE” Launches

A new brand of saddles has launched under the name REPENTE, which is helmed by industry veteran Massimo Farronato, who for many years held a management position with the Selle Royal Group.

REPENTE is based in the Veneto region of Italy, in the very heart of one of the world’s most prominent areas for bicycle and component manufacturing. 

“Cycling is an art” summarizes our mission”, says Farronato, “that is to create innovative Italian products highly appealing for the public, introduce new technologies focussing on comfort and performance, propose valuable design solutions, painstakingly caring for every detail, from the choice of materials all the way to packaging.”

The new range of saddles consists of the ALEENA, COMPTUS and KUMA, which feature a full carbon construction and a unique padding system called RLS (REPENTE Locking System) that allows the rider to select amongst three different saddles covers that best suits his or her riding style or conditions. 

According to REPENTE, tests show their system can reduce pressure by as much as 38.2%, by virtue of the rear section of the saddle that features two small anatomical recesses which evenly distribute pressure along the perineal / prostatic area, ensuring unwanted movement in the saddle. 

In addition, REPENTE says, the width and shape of the saddles have been designed to conform to the anatomy of the rider, with a profile that tapers along both sides of the saddle, as to not interfere with the free movement of the thigh during pedal rotation.

Pricing for the ALEENA is €328, while the COMPTUS and KUMA sell for €318.  

You can learn more about REPENTE’s new range of saddles by visiting their website here

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