- - New Food Storage Carrier for Triathletes Called "FoodCell"

New Food Storage Carrier for Triathletes Called “FoodCell”


A new food storage carrier aimed at triathletes called FoodCell launched via a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter today.

FoodCell was designed to give the triathlete the ability to store food in a carrier that’s not only easily accessible, but takes aerodynamics into consideration as well.

Indeed, while many competing designs on the market may offer great aerodynamics also, most are cumbersome and difficult to access food from ding riding conditions. Moreover, most of them fail to offer ample storage capacity as well, leaving triathletes without adequate food during long events such as an Ironman.

According to the designers, FoodCell is the first food carrier that features a unique ‘slider’ opening, which allows triathletes easy access with just one finger. 

“Typically once you place your gels in most aerodynamic food carriers, getting them back out is a real issue,” states the company’s  founder, Dr Mark Tallon.


Tallon is an accomplished sub-10hour Ironman triathlete himself, citing his own experiences and frustrations with current food carriers as the driving force behind FoodCell.


However, after nine months of prototyping, Tallon arrived at the final design for FoodCell, which resulted in a storage carrier that’s both easily attached and detached from any bike without the need for undoing velcro straps or any kind of hardware, while also offering excellent aerodynamic properties.   

You can check out all of the features of the new FoodCell by visiting their Kickstarter page here. 

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