- - “Ode to Exploration”: Bikepacking the Australian High Country

“Ode to Exploration”: Bikepacking the Australian High Country

words by Mateo Arango

This video, Ode to Exploration, is a journey to the deepest of our minds. Places we need to visit and ride along to find the light within. Places we can only get through exploration and self-discovery.

This is an ode to the limitless potential of the human spirit to push beyond its boundaries and embrace the unknown. The idea behind this project came from self-reflection, from when you feel lost in life, and it’s through exploration that you’re able to navigate, learn, and accept the experience.

The project was filmed in the Australian High Country, a land of endless exploration, where rugged mountains meet breathtaking scenery and endemic wildlife thrives. It is a land of tapestry of natural wonders, a place where wilderness reigns supreme. A region that calls to the adventurous spirit, beckoning us to explore its hidden treasures.


On this road that we all call life
I will sing an ode to my exploration
Despite all of my pain and strife
I will tell the tales of my adventure.

I’ve searched all day within my heart
A trip to find out why I’m here
Who am I? I need to know my part.

On this road that we all call life
I set out on a distant adventure
From valleys low to mountains high
In the lonely embrace of nature.

I ride through an undulating height
Swimming in the ocean of my thoughts
Till I am lost, far beyond sight.

On this road that we all call life
Lost and alone, amongst a sea of trees
I can hear the silent call of nature
From the whispers of a nearby breeze.

Now, I can feel the light shining within
Who am I? What is my part?
I can hear the answers storming in.

On this road that we all call life
I will sing aloud and raise my voice
I keep on moving on life’s exploration
For now, I know that I have a choice.

I may be wandering, but within, I am free
Oh, what wondrous self-discovery
That, If it will be, It will be up to me.



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