- - PEdAL ED Offers Women's Specific Range of Cycling Apparel

PEdAL ED Offers Women’s Specific Range of Cycling Apparel

The Occident being the epicenter of all things cycling in the West, it comes as some surprise to see a bespoke range of women’s specific cycling apparel hailing from all places East Asia.

Indeed, the Japanese apparel brand, PedAL ED, has launched a new range of apparel aimed solely at women cyclists. 

According to PedAL ED, they “worked closely with riders from all over the world, from Pro cyclists to Adventurers on two wheels the Women collection is designed to bring a new level of experience while riding a bike.”

The new range comprises two jerseys called the HANE and the KAWA, along with the TSUKI and SHIZEN shorts, topped-off with the Vesper jacket and vest and the HADA and ULTRALIGHT base-layers. 

The HANE jersey was designed to give cyclists maximum comfort, breathability and lightweight during the most intense riding conditions, thanks to its innovative high stretch, moisture wicking, breathable material. 

In the case of the KAWA jersey, it was designed to be the essential jersey for almost every kind of riding, courtesy of its unique fabric and simple design that’s aimed at keeping the cyclist cool and dry during warm weather riding. 

Either the Vesper jacket or vest can be the ideal choice to create a subtle layer of warmth or rain protection whenever there’s a change in riding conditions.

Both feature a lightweight membrane and mesh sides for optimal coverage and breathability that can shield cyclists from the elements in the snap of the finger, while easily stowed in a jersey pocket.

The HADA and ULTRALIGHT base layers are the perfect match to add warmth during a chilly morning or evening ride, or for eliminating that clammy feeling when riding in the heat. 

Both the TSUKI bibshort and traditional SHIZEN short feature PedAL ED’s Elastic Interface pad and 4-way fabric to provide maximum freedom of movement, along with silicon leg grippers to ensure a perfect fit. 

You can discover more about PedAL ED’s new range of women’s specific cycling apparel by visiting their website here.





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