- - PeopleForBikes Publishes Annual Best Places to Cycle Report

PeopleForBikes Publishes Annual Best Places to Cycle Report

PeopleForBikes has published its 2024 City Ratings, evaluating more than 2,500 cities globally on how bicycle-friendly they are and ranking them by population.

City Ratings is a data-driven program. Based on PeopleForBikes’ Bicycle Network Analysis, each city receives a score on a 0-100 scale. Those scoring highest perform well across six categories: safe speeds, protected bike lanes, reallocated space for biking and walking, intersection treatments, network connections, and trusted data.

Top three small cities (less than 50,000 population):

  1. Mackinac Island, Michigan: 99
  2. Provincetown, Massachusetts: 96
  3. Harbor Springs, Michigan: 92

Top three medium cities (50,000-300,000 population):

  1. Davis, California: 78
  2. Cambridge, Massachusetts: 72
  3. Berkeley, California: 71

Top three large cities (greater than 300,000 population):

  1. Minneapolis: 71
  2. Seattle: 65
  3. San Francisco: 64

Top three international cities:

  1. The Hague, Netherlands: 89
  2. Brussels: 87
  3. Paris: 87

PeopleForBikes ranked 816 new U.S. cities and 133 new cities across the U.K. and Australia. This is the seventh year of the City Ratings program, and PeopleForBikes’ annual summary report explores how bicycling has changed in cities nationwide since ratings began in 2018.


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