- - Pioneer Unveils Single-Sided Power Meter

Pioneer Unveils Single-Sided Power Meter

Pioneer announced this week, they’ve expanded their range of power meters to include the introduction of a new Single Leg Power Meter.

Available with Shimano® Dura-Ace™ 9000 and Ultegra™ 6800 cranks, the new Single Leg Power Meter is the most affordable step into power meters offered by the company. Power meters are quickly becoming the most accurate measurement device a rider can use to evaluate effort and monitor cycling improvement, including professional cyclists.

For more than three seasons, UCI WorldTour Pro Teams have been riding with Pioneer’s Dual Leg Power Meter system. The new Single Leg Power Meter offers the durability and performance required by pro riders competing at the highest levels, but is designed for cyclists and multisport athletes new to power and the idea of integrating power metrics to evaluate and improve cycling performance.

“Weekend warriors and non-professional level riders typically use a heart rate monitor to judge effort, but they’re now demanding a more accurate way to monitor and improve on-bike performance for a better ride,” said Russ Johnston, executive vice president of marketing and corporate communications for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Power isn’t exclusive to professional cyclists and triathletes. We want riders of any level to utilize power metrics to define their own victories. Our new Single Leg Power Meter is a great starting point for any rider interested in incorporating power and power metrics to develop and ride their personal best. What makes Pioneer unique in the industry is the ability for the rider to grow with the system and eventually upgrade to our advanced Dual Leg Power Meter when they want more power metrics.”

As a leading manufacturer of advanced consumer electronic products, Pioneer continues to integrate the latest and most advanced technology to create industry-leading power meter systems. The Single Leg Power Meter utilizes strain gauges located on the crank arm to measure deflection caused by pedaling force on the arm. Power data is measured every 30 degrees, 12 times per crank rotation. Using a crank-based power meter measures closest to the source of the force to provide better power measurement accuracy. Additionally, two accelerometers provide precision, cadence and advanced error correction for the most accurate cadence and power analysis. The ANT+ Single Leg Power Meter is compatible with ANT+ devices, including ANT+ sport watches. Riders with ANT+ computers will be able to see all ANT+ power metrics supported by that computer.

HDPower Metrics

Access to Pioneer’s exclusive HDPower Metrics for enhanced power data and analysis is available by combining the SGX-CA900 or SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer with the Single Leg Power Meter. Adding Pioneer’s Cycle Computer to the Single Leg Power Meter enables the rider to see comprehensive performance analysis and highly detailed data, gathered from 12 points of measurement, displayed graphically in real-time on the display of the Cycle Computer, including Force Vectors and Torque Vectors graphics and Pedaling Efficiency.

“We’re excited to be working with the recently debuted Maxxis-Shimano Professional Cyclocross Team as a technological partner for our new product,” said Johnston. “The talented Maxxis-Shimano team will be riding our Single Leg Power Meter system in the upcoming cyclocross season that kicks off at the CrossVegas World Cup on September 16.”

Post-ride analysis is available on Cyclo-Sphere, Pioneer’s free online cloud service, offering the most comprehensive and detailed breakdown of the ride event. With Cyclo-Sphere, more than 200 performance metrics are collected by the system and illustrated in detail utilizing a variety of graphs, charts and maps. The SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer’s built-in Wi-Fi allows for automatic uploads of collected ride data into Cyclo-Sphere, STRAVA®, and TrainingPeaks®.

Upgrade Path

The new Single Leg Power Meter is adaptable and grows with the user. As riders’ power needs develop, Pioneer offers an upgrade path to the Dual Leg Power Meter system used by professionals. Transitioning from 12 points of measurement to 24 points of measurement, the Dual Leg Power Meter system offers the most accurate total power measurement and pedaling balance metrics critical to analyze ride performance and reveal opportunities for ride improvement. The Single Leg Power Meter is an affordable starting point for cyclists and multisport athletes to experience power training and provides a path for them to grow into higher level analysis. Riders can upgrade to a Dual Leg Power Meter system by purchasing Pioneer’s right side kit that adds a right side power meter to their existing drive side crank.

The Single Leg Power Meter and upgrade kit will be available at the end of September. For more information, visit

Single Leg Power Meter

Arm Length in Millimeters 
– Dura-Ace 9000 – 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, 180 $899.99
– Ultegra 6800 – 165, 170, 172.5, 175
– $799.99

Upgrade Kit – Right Side Power $749.99

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