- - Pirelli Launches P Zero Race 4S All-Season TLR Tire

Pirelli Launches P Zero Race 4S All-Season TLR Tire

Pirelli has added the P Zero Race 4S TLR all-season to its ever-expanding range of tires, offering some robust all-season rubber that’s designed to take on the elements.

The new tire has remained aesthetically unchanged from the previous P ZERO Race 4S, but new features such as Pirelli’s award-winning SmartNET Silica compound give the new P Zero Race 4S TLR better performance in both wet and dry conditions, especially in cold weather.

Additionally, combined with Pirelli’s external SmartNET Silica compound, the structure of the P ZERO Race 4S TLR is bolstered internally by the Italian brand’s innovative SPEEDCORE technology, which uses a layer of compound that contains Aramid particulate, whereby the SPEEDCORE technology improves the retention of air, has low rolling resistance and offers increased protection against punctures. Moreover, the use of SPEEDCORE technology also makes the tire casing roll better, while enhancing grip even on wet surfaces typical of autumn and winter riding.

“The new P ZERO Race 4S TLR tire is the perfect choice for those who want a high-performing tire, for competitions or training, ideal all year round: high-performing and fast in summer, high grip and resistant in winter, with that “racing” feeling typical of the Pirelli “Race” family,” boasts Pirelli.

P ZERO Race 4S TLR is available in 28-622, 30-622, with 32-622 soon to be added as well, with pricing for the US market to be announced. 


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