- - POC Unveils New Omne Lite and Omne Ultra Helmets

POC Unveils New Omne Lite and Omne Ultra Helmets

POC has unveiled its latest helmets called the Omne Lite and Omne Ultra, targeting roadies and gravel cyclists alike with increased safety and versatility, terms that have become maxims for the Swedish sports brand. 

Building upon POC’s Omne Air, the new lids benefit from EPS foams, PC shells and adjustable fit systems, while meeting the stringent EN, CPSC and AS/NZS helmet certifications.

Weighing in at a fairly impressive 240 grams, the Omne Lite features a substantial reduction in weight over the Omne Air thanks to an increase in the number of rear exhaust vents, while its 360-degree adjustment system ensures a precise fit.

However, the helmet forgoes rotational impact protection such as MIPS or POC’s own SPIN system, keeping the cost down to $190.

Like the Omne Lite, the Omen Ultra features the same shell construction and 360-degree adjustment system sans rotational impact protection as well for $200.

The helmet also includes Velcro and elastic attachment points on the sides and rear, allowing riders to carry items like ID cards. 

The Omne Ultra also features a Recco reflector, a small battery-free electronic responder to help search and rescue teams locate a rider in the event of an accident.

However, these features come with a weight penalty, bumping the Omne Ultra up to a hefty 390 grams in a size large. 

The Omne Lite is available in three sizes S (50-56cm), M (54-59cm) and L (56-61cm), plus a WF wide fit version, in 7 colors – a darker matte Epidote green, matte Amethyst purple, matte Uranium black, matte Uranium black + Lead blue, matte Uranium black + Prismane red, glossy Fluorescent pink + Uranium black and gloss Hydrogen white, while the Omne Ultra is offered three sizes S (50-56cm), M (54-59cm) and L (56-61cm) in 4 matte colors,  Argentite silver, Epidote green, Himalayan Salt orange and Uranium black.





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