- - The Pro's Closet Looks Back at Downhill World Champion Greg Herbold

The Pro’s Closet Looks Back at Downhill World Champion Greg Herbold

20104-00515-02a Greg Herbold , Cologne 1990 pic copyright Steve Behr / Stockfile

Even though we’re a bunch of leg-shaving, lycra-loving, euro-gucci roadies here, The Pro’s Closet’s look back at Greg Herbold’s career as the world’s first down-hill mountain bike champion bears attention.

Besides, most mountain bikers shave their legs and wear lycra too.  

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The Pro’s Closet presents, TPC Museum Series #12: Greg Herbold // This Mountain Bike Hall of Famer was already a 2-time national downhill champion by 1990, but his win in the first ever World Downhill Championship launched Greg “Hair-Ball” Herbold into the national spotlight. In this video, HB takes The Pro’s Closet through the technical aspects of his race winning bike as well as the the challenges downhill racers faced in the early 90’s…like hard-tails, tension disks, and peddling uphill!



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