- - QU-ET Gets Stealthy with "Unfair Advantage" eBike

QU-ET Gets Stealthy with “Unfair Advantage” eBike

Given their boxy appearances and conspicuous motor arrangements, it used to be that one could easily spot an eBike from a mile away. However, improvements in drivetrain adaption have made many of today’s models virtually undistinguishable from their traditional counterparts.

The latest example is QU-ET’s new Unfair Advantage, a sleek urban cruiser that cleverly disguises its electric underpinnings with a hidden battery in the down tube, along with a compact motor that sits almost unnoticeable in the rear wheel. Skip the embellishments and throw-in fully internal cable and hose routing, and now you have a stealthy urban cruiser that flies under radar.

Elsewhere, a 250-W motor delivers power via a Gates Carbon belt drive system, offering three pedal-assist modes with up to 30 lb-ft (40 Nm) of torque. Also, a 250-Wh battery can provide a range of around 37 miles (60 km), while a 180-Wh range-extender battery can be added to further extend travel. 

All in, QU-ET says the Unfair Advantage tips the scales at 30.9 pounds (14 kg), a figure that won’t win any plaudits from the weight weenies faction. But, it’s still an impressive weight given the bike sticks with a traditional aluminum frame.

QU-ET has plans to undertake a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, offering early-backers an Unfair Advantage as low as €1,500 (approx. US$1,600).

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